Easy and reliable crypto node hosting

Crypto node hosting that’s simple, reliable, and affordable

NodeLauncher is a premier provider of Horizen's SuperNode and SecureNode easy deployment and hosting services.

  • Crypto node hosting that's simple, reliable, and affordable


NodeLauncher was a huge help for me! Trying to figure how to set up a node on my own was extremely stressful and time-consuming. NodeLauncher set up my secure nodes quickly and with excellent customer service, I highly recommend them!

I setup my first node myself over an arduous period of 24 hours. Once I found out about Nodelauncher, they were able to get multiple nodes up immediately. It greatly simplified my life; would use again 10/10.

This service simplified my life so much. Trying to set up a node by myself was not the best use of my time and this service allowed me not to pull my hair out. I would highly recommend this service.

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