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Nodelauncher has shut down as of March 11 2024

The Horizen project deprecated secure nodes as of March 11 2024. More details here:

After the Secure Node deprecation we no longer have enough Super Nodes to cover our server expenses, so we have shut down. Thanks to our customers for their support over the last five years.

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NodeLauncher was a huge help for me! Trying to figure how to set up a node on my own was extremely stressful and time-consuming. NodeLauncher set up my secure nodes quickly and with excellent customer service, I highly recommend them!

I setup my first node myself over an arduous period of 24 hours. Once I found out about Nodelauncher, they were able to get multiple nodes up immediately. It greatly simplified my life; would use again 10/10.

This service simplified my life so much. Trying to set up a node by myself was not the best use of my time and this service allowed me not to pull my hair out. I would highly recommend this service.

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